Wedding Tips: Setting The Right Mood For Your Wedding Reception


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Adding romantic touch to your wedding reception is not that daunting, however, setting the right mood for your wedding in that ceremonial and love-filled aura often needs an effort.

Here are few ways you can create wedding mood on the most memorable day of your Life:

Let your Venue suit the theme of the Reception

Select an event venue that suits the theme of your wedding. Once you have settled down for a suitable theme, hunt few best wedding venues and pick the one that perfectly offers everything that your theme demands. Venue plays a dominant role in setting up the theme since decorations and arrangements depend largely on the venue layout and facilities.

Set up a Romantic Entrance

Entrance is the first impression of your wedding venue and celebration. Let the guest feel the theme right at the entry of the venue. Walking glamorous with you life partner into the venue through a theme-based entry is sure to raise everyone’s spirits.

Decorate Accordingly

Decorate accordingly, decoration influences setting up the mood to a great extent. A suitable decoration completes the wedding arrangement. A vintage wedding aura can be created by using light antique candle stands, glass holders, photo frames and more. Other themes would need some other fascinating elements to lighten up the mood.

Add colors to affect emotions

Wedding mood can be depicted through lots of bright colors. Mix your favorite colors and create an impressive combination. The most lovely wedding tones are turquoise, silver, white, purple. Soft purple gives royalty and nobility to your event. Blue suggests calmness and serenity, green indicates luxury and good luck and turquoise is a color of passion.

Music and Light Effects

Arrange for music and light effects. Music and lightening has a big role to play in order to evoke the right feeling. Move your focus to lightening as well. Place lights in various corners of the venue, use dim lights, bright lights and spotlights to follow the couple for dance.

Enjoy your wonderful wedding reception…..

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