First things First

So he finally popped the big question. Of course, you replied with the big YES. Pictures of your rock sitting pretty on your manicured fingers are glittering off friends and family members’ display pictures and Instagram accounts. You are basking in the euphoria of being the latest bride-to-be, already permuting and combining the perfect hashtag for the dream wedding you have always imagined.
The excitement of the proposal is wearing off, now you are faced with the project of planning your wedding and all the other activities associated with it. Down to the basics, where and how do you start it all off?


The Budget Talk
In my books, there are basically two types of couples. You are either a couple that can afford to splurge or a couple on a budget. (and oh, there are those couples who by all means, even when their budget is screaming NO, want to incorporate all the glam and fab of wedding features on their favourite lifestyle blogs which they have awwwed and gushed over).
Ideally, couples need to identify which of the two categories they fall under, and plan accordingly. How spectacular your day will be is not dependent on whether or not you can splurge. Whichever category you fall into, the most important thing is to create a memorable day without having to break the bank.



Planning and coordinating a wedding could be a huge task which is most times, time consuming and stressful, for the bride-to-be. I mean, why will a bride who holds a 9-5 job decide to take up the weight of sourcing for the numerous vendors associated with organising a wedding or on her wedding day, burden herself with hunting down that her dad’s uncle’s wife step sister, who seems to be creating a short-circuit diversion of the souvenirs she personally counted to make sure will be enough for the 400 guests (now turned 700, thanks to the attachés and mo gbo, mo yas) she was expecting and painstakingly carried on her head, while pushing her way through the ever busy balogun market, all in a bid to get good bargains.
Basically, a wedding planner saves you the stress of the entire planning process and ensures coordination on the actual day of the wedding.
Now, for couples who do not have “hiring a wedding planner” as an option, it will be a good idea to designate specific roles and functions to trustworthy, and of course, willing friends and family members.
The point here is to eliminate, as much as possible, avoidable tension inducing factors, whether or not the service of a wedding planner is employed.

The YOU Factor

Personally, I believe couples need the “what type of wedding are we gunning for” talk before taking further steps in planning their wedding.
Borrowing ideas and concepts from other weddings is not a bad idea. The downer is stringing lots of different schemes into your wedding which makes it look like random puzzle pieces that just won’t fit together, no matter how hard you try. In other words, you would have succeeded in making your wedding a hot mess.
Having couples actually OWN their wedding, by subtly throwing in doses of personal tastes, here and there, gives the wedding an air of uniqueness, leaving guests with more than enough to ohhh and ahhh about.
Overly recycled concepts steal away from the awesome day a wedding should be.
Splurge or tight budget, wedding planner or not, big wedding or intimate wedding, never forget this- your wedding day should not be anything short of what you want it to be. Most importantly, make it memorable and fun.



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