Video: The Man Who Proposed For 365 Days


There has been a lot of romantic proposals in recent times, but this man named Dean Smith just created a very amazing one. The video shows how Dean “proposed” to his girlfriend Jennifer every single day for a year, from the day he realized she was the one, until their engagement in Aruba 365 days later.

Dean started off the video by showing Jennifer getting ready for her birthday dinner on Jan. 8 of this year, only to be interrupted by a surprise from her sister. That ambush eventually leads to Jennifer sitting on a designated spot in the sand, where she’s handed an iPad loaded with a special video from Dean.

“Exactly one year ago, I realized that you were the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with,” Dean says at the start of his pre-taped clip. “The only problem was how do I plan the perfect proposal? One that shows you how much I love and how you’re in my thoughts literally every moment of every day? Then I came up with a brilliant idea!”

The video then intercuts between shots of Jennifer on the beach, moments of the couple throughout the year, and footage of Dean holding up a mini whiteboard with some variation of “Will you marry me?” written on it, along with the date. True to his promise, he brought the board everywhere for a year, from work to vacation to brushing his teeth. We dare you not to well up as Bruno Mars’ “Marry You” and Anthem Lights’ “Best Thing” play on in the background.

The video is a very emotional one,encounter  you just have to watch for yourself…


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