Unique Wedding Proposal: He did it in the Church..


Here is the story of how they met, before he proposed:


“I met him (Kenny) at a wedding reception. We were both on the dance floor and we danced together for couple of minutes before one of my guy friends came to drag me away from him. I followed my friend and we went outside to talk.

Kenny after few minutes came after me and asked me to talk in front of my guy friend. My friend laughed and said “they are here looking for you again as usual” and he left. So now I was stuck with Kenny to talk to.

He told me he liked me and I should please honor him by giving him my number. I felt reluctant and told him to give me his instead. He refused and pleaded. He pulled out his phone but unfortunately for him his phone was dead. I was happy but then he ran to his friend to get his phone so he can enter my number. I was standing there like “damn it.”

Then I gave him my old phone number thinking he wouldn’t call it right infront of me. He did and my phone didn’t ring. The he realized I was lying and pleaded again. So I gave him and walked away. He called me that night asking how I was and hope I was home safely. It was weird and sweet and I replied him I was ok.

From this point forward, we gradually built a slow-healthy-relationship. I said slow because I was a “hard-ass” for him but he was PATIENT! About the proposal, he came around for my graduation and I graduated university May 14th which was a Huge blessing for me, for Him and my family. And on a Sunday 23rd of May, he made me the happiest girl alive. He proposed to me in the church. In front of the whole congregation singing my best song to me “All of me” by John Legend! Now tell me this isn’t a double blessing in one month.

I am now engaged to my best friend, lover, brother, partner, father, better-half and my God’s favor. He makes me so happy. I am content and happy with what The Lord has done for me. Couldn’t have asked for anything better than this wonderful man!!! Thank God for Me”
Congrats to them.


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