‘True Love Conquers All’, Bukola And Gboyega’s Adventurous Pre-Wedding Session



Bukola and Gboyega’s love story is that of true love that conquers all, I have known them as a couple for quite a while….. (winks). I am quite a good observer and I observed that they have genuine love for each other, they are all around and over each other, Bukola gushes, at every sight of him and Gboyega in return sticks to her like butter does to bread….

Well, Let’s sit back and enjoy their love story and pictures…

How They Met….


Gboyega and I met 9 years ago, through a friend of mine Jumoke , I was at her house for a couple of days, when Gboyega came with Jumoke’s boyfriend , Ibrahim, and I just noticed he was starring so hard, and  I wondered why, but again, I had received a lot of compliments on my lovely sexy ,short skirt, and then I thought, “maybe it’s the skirt“…….

Jumoke introduced us, we gisted and exchanged contacts and got talking on a regular basis, and based on the fact that I had given up on dating at that moment, I didn’t expect him to make any gesture in that respect. Two months later, He asked me out officially and we got dating afterwards.

We have shared so many splendid times, those that will forever be cherished, he makes me laugh so hard,  he makes me smile all time, he means so much and more to me…

The Proposal….


I planned to propose but then , I was waiting for the right moment, I wanted to ‘wow‘ her, I didn’t want it to be ordinary, I wanted a touching moment that will leave a lasting impact in our lives, and the moment Bukola put the call through from London that she was coming to celebrate her birthday in Nigeria,  I thought, “when is the best time to propose than her birthday?”

I felt proposing to her on her birthday might really not be a big deal, but she had just completed her Masters, her birthday was coming up and proposing wouldn’t be a bad idea,  but then I thought of executing it in a very Unique way.

So I began to make plans for a romantic and mind blowing proposal…….



All that was on my mind was to come spend my birthday with him and catch up with the times we spent apart, when I got to the Airport, he was there waiting with a surprise birthday cake… I was so excited.

He told me I had to get home to change my clothes, he had gotten me a wonderful dress, so we headed home and I was welcomed with the sound of good music, and my friends were there too , they all congratulated me on my birthday and completion of my Masters Degree…

……Hmmmmm…..  things got more exciting……

I ran upstairs with joy to change into my lovely dress and as I opened the door, Gboyega was already there with flowers every where, he was on his knees with a box in his hands, he asked me to marry him and I said YES…

I couldn’t hold back the tears because for me, it was three blessings all in one..

I am getting married to the love of my life…

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Photography: @halarsexperience




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