Sade & Lolu’s Love Story & Engagement Shoot

Sade and Lolu were school mates, Lolu was her Senior and her brother’s friend, there had the tradition of meeting at a re-union every year at Ondo, and She has turned his offers down a lot of times, Until one particular re-union party that changed everything. Their lovely pictures blend of Traditonal and Modern times.
Enjoy their Story and Pictures………
Lolu :
Most birthdays celebrated in December in Akure at Christmas turns out to be reunions…so 8 yrs ago a friend “Bukunmi” invited me to dis particular birthday @ Victoria B hotel and I decided to go with my friend of life “Eben”…we got there late but amazingly the party had not started…so we decided to take our leave…it was at that time I saw a very cute lady walking in…only for me to discover she was that same girl I asked for a dance at a similar party a year before but she shunned me…so I decided to give it another shot.. dis time..I requested for the number…and I got it…so we got talking…became quite close and some few months after….she was mine….and she hasn’t looked back ever since…winks
I was Lolu’s Junior in primary school, as a matter of  fact, he was the head boy, and I was just a regular student, also his friend’s younger sister. Eight years ago, we met at a re-union party in Akure. He immediately recognized me as ‘Bayo’s younger sister’. I didn’t know him and I wasn’t interested. He asked me to dance with him, and of cos, as a beautiful princess who loved to turn men down, I refused. I left the party without saying any more word to him.
Exactly a year later, we met at another party…don’t call us party freaks, lol…we have this re-union party every xmas‎ in Akure, Ondo State. He remembered me immediately and before I could run off, we exchanged numbers and somehow I just liked him on the spot. Over the months, we exchanged incessant phone calls and text msgs and along the line, he asked me out and I agreed. We started dating 6 years ago.
 The Proposal….
On the 14th day of February 2014, we went out with his friends to a Chinese resta‎urant, which seemed like some fun. But somewhere along the line, the discussions at d table just changed to some love stories of each person at the table. On getting to his turn, he spent more time than any other person, talking about us and how great we’v being 2geda. I was beginning to get uncomfortable because it was getting awkward. Before I could say Jack Robinson, this man went on his knees and asked me to marry him. I was stunned, dazed, astonished…just name it. I just stood up and asked him to remain on his knees. I had ecstacy mixed with sweet anger cos I had expected him to do that earlier than that. I then called the attention of everyone at the restaurant. I informed them I waited for 5 years and 2 weeks for him to propose, so, I asked them if I should also delay him for that long before I give him a reply. But I just couldn’t do that…and then I screamed YES!!! it was the best moment of my life. I did not want that day to end. We were both happy and anxious too.
I had dated Afolasade for several years and the proposal was long over due..but I wanted to pop the question around when am sure of getting married to her…
So I chose feb 14  I had planned it with”awongoons mi“..”Osita,Stan,Uyime and Chiemezie…it was in Uyo..”Aroma House”…I have always tried to figure how I was gonna say the whole epistle and then go down on my knees…it was  a  herculean task for me ..but well..I did it…showered her wit a lot of praise…never knew I could “burst her head that much”…she was already blushing and then I popped it…even heavens knew I would av gotten a YES…hehehe..i‎t was the best valentine ever…‎ and yes, lest I forget, she cried…
“We’ve never  had a better yesterday. And we hope and pray that God will forever keep us in His love”.
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Photo Credit: BankyD Photography
                          Mide Photography

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