Relationship Tips: Ten Commandments For Dating A Co-Worker



There are times that we find ourselves in Love with a co-worker, believe me, this happens all the time, the attachments can either be physical, emotional or even a fling.

Here are some commandments that will guide you in such situations

1. Thou shall first get the lowdown on the company interoffice-dating policy. Forbidden? Keep it in thy pants.

2. Have the hots for thy coworker? Thou shall keep it discreet until you know it’s reciprocated.

3. Thou shall treat office dating like ice cream: Indulge sparingly … and the object of your affection better be Talenti.

4. If someone asks, thou shall come clean. Don’t give anyone a reason to think you’re not trustworthy.

5. Ready to “come out”? Thou shall tell thy boss first, then thy coworkers.

6. Thou shall treat each other professionally and never, ever give thy lover preferential treatment.

7.  Thou shall not post cutesy, incriminating pics you wouldn’t want coworkers to see on Instagram or Facebook.

8. Thou shall continue to foster relationships and friendships by socializing with other coworkers.

9. Thou shall not fight, engage in baby talk, or use thy work computer to send naughty emails while on the clock.

10. Thou shall not bad-mouth him at work if you break up. Even if he cheated. Even if he cheated with thy sister.

Culled From Cosmopolitan


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