Reasons Why You Should Opt For Mini-Moons



Nowadays, newlyweds find it hard to go for honeymoons after their weddings, based on the fact that there is no adequate planning, short funds and no time at all, and they have no choice but to postpone extended vacations.

Guess what… you can now opt to go on quick getaways closer to home instead. Whether it’s because of time or money, here are a few reasons a mini-moon might be the best choice for you.

1. You’re footing the bill for your big day
Weddings can be very expensive, and if you and your fiancé are paying for it in full, you might not have money leftover for the honeymoon you really want. At least not right away, that is. Instead of settling for an average to bad experience, romance take a mini-moon, save up and schedule their honeymoon for a later time.

2. You’re fresh out of vacation days
Chances are, you’ll want to take a few days off work in the week leading up to your wedding, for errands,and visits with family and friends, which means you may not have an extra two weeks to take off for a full-blown honeymoon.


3. You’re having a destination wedding
Destination Weddings are particularly draining (both emotionally and physically), making a mini-moon that much more desirable. Many couples having stateside destination weddings have to take a week plus prior to their wedding date just to travel there and handle last minute details, leaving them with little to no time to go on a long overseas honeymoon.

4. You know you’ll be exhausted
You can chose to take a mini-moon right after your wedding because you wanted to plan an extravagant honeymoon and you are so worn out by all the wedding planning that she couldn’t have handled coordinating one more thing. Not only will this eliminate an extra source of stress, but it will also give you something to look forward to.

5. You have other big expenses to worry about
For some couples, going on a honeymoon isn’t a top priority, but a buying a home is, In this case, a mini-moon is a wonderful way to save some cash for a down payment while still fitting in some much-needed R&R with your new spouse.



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