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Hi everyone, Welcome to December the festive period..I Smell Christmas in the air already

This is when we’ve got most Clients requesting Makeup services from Beauty professionals…

As Makeup and Beauty lovers,it’s important we know that what we apply on our skin matters and we need to be mindful of our health and safety.

If you do not pay attention to makeup hygiene, infections may easily find their way into your system. Makeup may seem like the last thing harmful to your health but most people don’t know makeup harbours tons of harmful bacteria if not used properly.

Be Health and Safety Conscious!
If you request any Makeup Artist or Beauty expert service, you have a right to ensure Makeup hygiene is properly practised.

  • Infections such as
    conjunctivitis & boils results from bacteria that lurks an old makeup & unclean brushes (it happens during makeup application when the bacteria present in the makeup run through the brushes and enters a pimple; an open cut or the mucus membrane of eye and nose.

This bacteria is the most serious forms of bacteria and it’s called STAPHYLOCCOCCUS AUREUS.


This common bacteria is found in soil water and in the skin, you can associate it with inflammation rash and in severe cases, sepsis, this bacteria lives on a mascara wand and can nick the eye or penetrate into the soft tissues or membranes of the eye (so, you can imagine sharing mascara with someone who’s been infected already, as long as you even try dipping same wand (even a new wand)inside same mascara tube, the whole tube gets infected, eye problem starts.


Some of these Particular bacteria are harmless, quite a number can cause bloody diarrhea , stomach cramps, vomiting, nausea, kidney failure which can lead to death, this usually happens when an infected person does not wash his/her hands well enough after a bowel movement; the bacteria can spread from the person’s hands to your makeup products.
Ensure all your makeup paparazzi in your purse meets health & safety


It is no news anymore that EBOLA is real let’s go extra mile in practising makeup hygiene

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness” get your Isopropyl Alcohol spray handy (remember alcohol 99%) alcohol combats virus, bacteria etc. Unlike hand sanitizer which combats germs only.

Here are some tips from other Makeup Artists :

“When working on clients that have contra- indications such as sores and existing conditions, always use disposable tools on them.” Damilola Balogun of TrueGlamBeauty-London

“Beauty starts with clean tools” –Yemisi Dada-Seriki of N’sure Beauty studio ,Festac, lagos,Nigeria

“Always Sterilize makeup brushes and products after use to prevent contamination and the spread of infections and subsequently diseases”- Mojo Somolu Of Mo Makeovers, New York.

“Whether your clients will notice or not, ensure your brushes/tools are always clean/sanitized to avoid allergies” – Temitayo Aderibigbe of Nsoleke, Ibadan, Nigeria

“If as patients we wouldn’t allow a physician poke us with used needles,then we too As Makeup Artists shouldn’t use unsterilized tools on our clients face”- Gbemisola Ademola-Adebayo of Hegai & Esther Solutions

” If a brush has touched a person’s face or body, it should always be cleaned before it touches someone else,sanitize Brushes regularly” – Christabel Ike of Kristabel Makeovers, Asaba, Nigeria

“Be Responsible for your own Safety! Read and Understand product labels before Purchase” –Wemimo Sam-Aghedo of wemi Moore Makovers ,Ojodu, lagos Nigeria.

“Do not dabb fingers into a bottle of foundation, use it’s pump and toss it every 6mths ” – Layya Jibril of Layyajay, Kaduna, Nigeria

“Makeup hygiene is everything in Makeup And the life wire because you can’t get the best out of your products/tools when they are dirty” – Love Olaleye of Flawless touch makeovers Lagos/Dallas


We’ll be glad to recommend you a very good Alcohol Spray, Brush Sanitizer and all you need to ensure Your makeup hygiene practice is Topnotch (feel free to send a mail)

Till my next post feel free to send in your questions and observations to

Stay Safe!

Nifemi Fagbohun (@niffysignature)
Beauty Expert/Beauty Columnist



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