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      I almost fell for the “First of all…introduction” trap. However, my will-to had no choice but to succumb
to my will-not-to.
The months leading up to the wedding are lined with a lot of fun and emotional events. One of such is the
Introduction ceremony, which is usually held after the proposal.
Don’t we all just long for those days when life was simpler, when Introductions were nothing more than
they are actually supposed to be – a living room gathering of the intending couple’s close family members.
It used to be as simple as I am Mr Lagbaja, I am Mrs Tamedu.
        Now? Oh my! There’s just too much going on – aso-ebi, canopies, loads of friends and acquaintances,
cutting of cake – with mini-traditional weddings, so much so it leaves you wondering if you’re at the right
        The Introduction ceremony is a formal meeting between both families of the bride and groom-to-be.
Basically, it is held with the aim of both families getting to know one another better. The intending groom
comes with KEY members of his family (often with a few close friends) to formally make his intention of
marrying their daughter known to KEY members of his soon-to-be-wife’s family. Of course, they do not
come empty handed; it is customary to come bearing gifts. Some of these gift items (fruit, wine, honey)
are symbolic.
          A typical Nigerian wedding introduction ceremony is often laced with playful banters, traditional music,
and excessive frequent money dropping. In some cases, the dates of the Traditional and Church/Nikkai
wedding are set at the Introduction. However, this is not compulsory as the dates may be set at a later day.
Here’s a little money saving tip for couples who are on a strict budget. Regardless of the size of your
introduction (living room setting or street-blocking), the photographer, make-up artist, and sometimes the
caterers, are essential vendors to have on ground.
       Coincidentally, their services are also needed for almost
all the wedding related events – the Introduction, pre-wedding shoot, bridal shower, traditional and
Church wedding or Nikkai ceremony.
The hack here is to book these vendors for all the events that will make up the entirety of your wedding. This means, booking your photographer to cover your introduction,
pre-wedding shoot, bridal shower e.t.c. Asides the fact that it’s an avenue for juicy bargains, it also gives
the vendors the opportunity to get used to that particular client and know what works best for them
before the actual day of the wedding.
For the love of Introduction, keep it simple and memorable.
PhotoCredit: Aiyekootoh
Credit: Tolulope Ademoroti (Je’ajoplan Events)

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