Chronicles Of Aunty Bose Part 5 (Concluding Part)


She was still in this state of dilemma for weeks. One weekend , Lizzy her friend  dropped by her house to see her, she was so happy because Lizzy only came visiting once after her wedding
After a lot of catching up, Lizzy asked to see her kids, Bose called them out, they all came to greet her, after the children came, Lizzy began to express confusion about the kids.
She insisted that the first born (Victory) and her child are classmates and that she wasn’t as tall as the last time she saw her which was days ago.

Bose burst into laughter and told her she was joking, but Lizzy insisted that there is a ‘Victory’ in her child’s class that bears same surname with Bose’s kid, but this Victory  was younger.
Bose was confused and she opted to see for herself, she got the school address and checked on the kid.
Low and behold the kid was exactly like her first born, just younger, the kid had same surname and confirmed her father’s name (Goodwill ) and that his mum just put to bed with a baby boy.
Bose ran cold, tears streamed down her eyes uncontrollable, she went back home and waited patiently for her husband to arrive, she confronted him and he didn’t deny.

He told her that was the situation of things and that there was no going back.
Bose consulted her Pastor who advised her to put up with her husband since they both confirmed that  they were God’s will for each other.


He still comes home at will to sleep with her and eat her food, he’d drop nothing for their upkeep and Bose still keeps treating herself from sexually transmitted diseases while she struggled to raise her kids.

P.S this is a true life story and a typical case of peer pressure into marriage, domestic violence and many other social problems. To celebrate the Domestic violence awareness week, we are contributing in our own little way to help educate people out their using our various media. If you have/know a case worth telling, kindly share with us via and if the need arises, we can meet with you.


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