Chronicles Of Aunty Bose (Part 4)


Bose always felt, he wanted to see someone before catching up and so she decided not to talk about it.
But subsequently, he started  bringing up other attitudes, like choosing days to come home, staying out late at the neighbours, and not been responsible for the family.
He would complain about his salary and how they refused to pay them, at a point, Bose went ahead to the company where her husband worked to confront them and she was told that they never owed any one.

The burden of the family was becoming to much for her to bear but she kept on pushing until the day she came across her husband’s pay slip and then she wondered what he was spending the money on.
She got pregnant with the third child and that was when she decided to call her husband up for a discussion.
She consulted their Pastor, who set up a meeting with both of them, the meeting created the forum for Bose to  pour out her heart to him and told him how uncomfortable she was with their lifestyle and that night was the day she got the first beating of her life.

After Bose went through this ordeal with her husband, she concluded it was the devil at work, she prayed reverently for such not to repeat it self again and she also decided to keep to her boundaries as things grew worse.


One night Goodwill came home with a very cold temperature, vomiting and purging too, Bose was confused, she didn’t know who to call on, she dint know anyone of his siblings, even the Aunty that he lived with was just an helper from church.
She asked him what happened but he couldn’t explain while trying to undress him, a gold ring fell off his jacket pocket, she checked his finger and his ring was intact, she checked hers too and then she picked up the ring and gave it to him.

“Whose ring is it?” she asked him but he replied with a growling expression on his face, she helped him pull through the sickness and when he was back on his feet, he tried to convince Bose that the ring was his friend’s.

Bose was looking 60 in her late 30s, in between struggling to keep her family intact and caring for her children, while Goodwill was looking as frosh and ever.
She visited her Uncle subsequently after marriage, who still insisted on helping her further her education but to insisted that no one would take care of her family, most importantly her husband, if she decided to further.

For several weeks, Bose discovered that whenever she was walking along the street with her kids, people would laugh and murmur stuffs, she wondered what it was until one day an old woman called her and told her of how her husband have been having affairs with different ladies on the street and how they have been fighting over him.
She was astonished, she didn’t believe it, until she began having series of sexual infections, some times she would be so ill and won’t be able to get up and yet Goodwill would come home to have what was rightfully his (sex), rather than taking her to the hospital for proper treatments.

It was like this for a while until Bose came across Goodwill’s scribblings of his expenses for the month which included money for different ladies, diapers, baby’s Clothings, and rent(which was obviously not for the house they were staying because Bose was responsible for that).

Again Bose was confused, there was no new born, so what was the diapers for? She cracked her brain for possible explanations but couldn’t find any….  (to be continued)

P.S this is a true life story and a typical case of peer pressure into marriage, domestic violence and many other social problems. To celebrate the Domestic violence awareness week, we are contributing in our own little way to help educate people out their using our various media. If you have/know a case worth telling, kindly share with us via and if the need arises, we can meet with you.


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