Chronicles Of Aunty Bose (Part 3)


Her Uncle was startled, he discussed the issue with his wife and urged her to talk to Bose, but to no avail.
Bose would wail and cry about marriage and whenever she was asked what would happen after marriage she would reply with the phrase ‘God will take the wheel ‘.

After several attempts to convince Bose, that she needed a major achievement before marriage,  her Uncle agreed to support her Marriage. He contributed greatly to the wedding ceremony that took place in the church after traditional rites was given to her parents  by her Uncle.
He secured an apartment for them, and also enrolled Goodwill in an adult learning school, helping him push through GCE and secured a Job for him in a company as an admin attendant.
Bose was filled with joy, her dreams finally came through and life as a couple started for her.


Been a pure and true virgin, Bose got deflowered on the night of their wedding, she wondered as Goodwill took her through series of sessions.
She was a bit confused as to how Goodwill knew so much,as she implied he was a brother in christ with no blemish too, just  like her.
Goodwill simply explained that he had done somethings in the past as an unbeliver before he found Christ.
She knew she had to get a job in other to help sustain the family, so she started making small snacks from the little knowledge she had in catering school and secured a school where she sold to, later on she got a job in the school as an assistant teacher while her husband kept up with his job too.
Not long after, Bose got pregnant, she was excited and so was her husband.
However, her lifestyle began to deteriorate, based on the kind of background her husband had, she felt she needed to bring herself down to his level, she would dress in shabby clothes and dusty half shoes, her dress sense was nothing to write home about, and she really didn’t care because that was her own idea of been submissive. Little did she know that her husband’s work place has started throwing light into his orientation about life and style, he went through some minor courses sponsored by the company which pushed him up the ladder a bit.

Goodwill always tried to look good and he prevented Bose from getting familiar with advanced technology.
She never had a mobile phone, and when she eventually got one, she had no clue as to how to operate it, Bose felt she was okay the way she was, despite the fact that her husband was working, she still ended up fending for the house while Goodwill spent his little money on looking good and other things.
They had their first child, a girl and then the second child too, and that was when things began to take a different turn for the family.

Whenever the whole family was going out, Goodwill would either set out before them and tell them to meet him on the way, or decide to take another route and tell his wife to meet him at the bus stop with the children. (to be continued)

P.S this is a true life story and a typical case of peer pressure into marriage, domestic violence and many other social problems. To celebrate the Domestic violence awareness week, we are contributing in our own little way to help educate people out their using our various media. If you have/know a case worth telling, kindly share with us via and if the need arises, we can meet with you.


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