Chronicles Of Aunty Bose (Part 2)




At the end of the Youth gathering, Bose was devastated, “No brother still” she thought, she starred at herself from head to toe, with a disappointed look, she started heading home,  she totally forgot that she came with a team of youths from her church.
However there was a huge crowd of youths in the premises, as she moved on, she spotted a brother…….
Tall, dark, with an amazing smile, she starred at the brother for a while and she said to herself, ‘this is the brother from my dreams ‘. Immediately she approached him and greeted him, she introduced herself and told him blankly that he was the brother from her dreams,   this ‘brother’ wasn’t at all startled, and the response he gave  Bose got chariots of horses riding inside of her.
He also told her she was the Sister from his dreams…


Bose and Goodwill started seeing each other in the modest manner, they met in church to discuss, at times Bose would invite Lizzy to accompany her to see Goodwill to avoid immoral activities.
Goodwill stayed with his aunt, been an orphan, he didn’t have educational privileges, he learnt a bit of handwork, which barely sustained him, but upon meeting Bose, things changed a bit, he began to feel loved, Bose helped out in all ways she could, from teaching him English basics to providing for him and also marriage plans set in.

Bose’s Uncle felt the need to help Bose out as she eventually dropped out from Catering Classes, she was just a Secondary school certificate holder he knew how brilliant she was and he wanted to help her out.
And so, one morning, he called her and offered to help her further her studies, he asked her what she wanted and how he wanted her to come in.

Bose replied her Uncle by telling him the next thing on her agenda was Marriage, and that she needed her Uncle to channel all his efforts to marrying her off to Goodwill…… (to be continued)

P.S this is a true life story and a typical case of peer pressure into marriage, domestic violence and many other social problems. To celebrate the Domestic violence awareness week, we are contributing in our own little way to help educate people out their using our various media. If you have/know a case worth telling, kindly share with us via and if the need arises, we can meet with you.


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