Chronicles of Aunty Bose (part 1 of 5)


OH Lord!  Hear my prayer, I cry unto you, because you are the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end, the time has come, I need a future partner, a brother in Christ, the bone of my bones and the flesh of my flesh, I will never let you go Lord, until you give me my own husband’.


That was the contents of prayer point of Bose for some months, after she watched her fellow friends and sisters tie the knot. At 31, she felt left out, time was ticking, she was depressed and yet as a true believer that wouldn’t let guards down, she solely believed in the Will of God. She stopped attending her catering classes,  and concentrated more on ‘meeting with the Lord’ programmes in the morning,  ‘Sunshine of breakthrough’ at noon, ‘revival is here’  programs in the evening and ‘operation possess your possessions’ at night vigils.
‘Bose, this is too much, don’t you think you need to get through with your catering classes first, you have missed 2 months, and you can’t even bake a cookie yet. Please try to show up tomorrow’ Lizzy, Bose’s friend would admonish her but Bose wouldn’t bulge, she felt everyone was against her and no one wanted her to get married. Bose’s Uncle was disturbed with her attitude, he would call her and advice her, but all Bose would say was that, no one was feeling her pains. Bose would lie on her bed and cry to God, and then sleep will take over, she did that for several months, until one special day, Bose had a dream (or so she claimed)…..
Three months later…
Bose attended a religious gathering, this gathering was specifically for youths, (ghenghen), a lot of brothers and sisters in christ were in attendance, they mingled, they discussed and they shared opinions, and through out this programme, Bose was totally at alert, her eyeballs kept on scanning from the left to the right and more so been the bible scholar that could coat bible verses from Genesis to Revelations, she also ensured she contributed, dropped ideas and also supported her points saliently with bible verses,  all through the programme. [to be continued]

P.S this is a true life story and a typical case of peer pressure into marriage, domestic violence and many other social problems. To celebrate the Domestic violence awareness week, we are contributing in our own little way to help educate people out their using our various media. If you have/know a case worth telling, kindly share with us via and if the need arises, we can meet with you.

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