ABOUT OURWEDDING.COM.NG is an interactive and entertaining forum where we meet ,mingle and relate with upcoming couples, and also share their love stories. It is also an avenue for old couples to share tips and relate their experience with intending couples. It focuses on projecting special moments , experiences, and it captures whole lot of intrigues about weddings.
We suggest different amazing ideas to couples and also offer great packages and freebies which can be found on our vendors page.
OW(as popularly called) projects captivating and special moments with the couples and assist them in ensuring their wedding has ‘A HAPPY START AND A HAPPY ENDING.’




JK_RET_0258Hi, I’m Jumoke Adetayo [nee Elutade], A Lawyer and a wedding analyst, based in Lagos, Nigeria. I love wedding moments, and i enjoy listening to Love stories, capturing every details of wedding events from how our couples met, to how their union became a reality. Its captivating that I get to hear, weird, funny, amazing stories about the couples and great weddings always have HAPPY ENDINGS.

P.S I have a great and romantic inspiration…………..

JK_RET_0219 (1)Hi, I’m Kennedy ‘tha Rev” Adetayo. A business strategist with a MBA and many other qualifications based in Lagos, Nigeria and London.He’s also a blogger, web and graphics designer and a consultant on “social media as a business tool’. He’s the C.E.O of AnQ-ara (a fashion outfit with an African theme) and co-founder of blind dating site)

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